Can't stop poas! Pic Included

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Can't stop poas! Pic Included

I can't stop taking tests lol Smile The dollar store tests really aren't getting dark but the frer are! So I bought a 2 pack a digi's today and got this Smile Guess I really am preggo along with my good betas but the need to pee on sticks is nuts!! Smile

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Omg that's awesome, love seeing those words! I took lots of pics of my digital lol! I also took another test today, a FRER (I couldn't help myself and got some from Ebay) and the lines were super dark within seconds which thrilled me beyond belief Biggrin I promised myself no more buying & peeing on sticks after the other FRER are gone though haha!

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I have 11 OPKs left and I use those every so often. They are seriously black, they are so dark (when wet). What's neat is you can actually see them get darker, too!

I have 1 FRER left which I wam planning to save until 7 or 8 weeks!! Smile

I have used 3 FRER, 2 ICs, and 5 OPKs. Yep...and I don't have any numbers!! Just lines, glorious, beautiful lines. Still in disbelief sometimes!

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That is wonderful!!! Congratulations Smile

I am an obsessive POAS addict myself. I just can't stop - I plan on waiting "another couple of days" and then I just do it!

I'm using my OPK's today lol

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yay! I'm thinking of grabbing some when DH gets home... He called the doctor today to get a clearance letter for me to go to the dentist and they want me to come in to confirm the pregnancy first. For some reason that has me all stressed out, so I want to poas and get a really dark line before heading in there. Smile

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Yes. It is nice, and addictive, to see that super dark line over and over again. A couple times it sucked up so of the dye so quickly that it seemed like there wasn't going to be enough for the default control line. I've been feeding my addiction with ICs and testing every 5 days or so.

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Ashly- After waiting for so long you deserve to pee on a few sticks LOL Smile

I peed on an OPK the other day. Couldn't help it. I still have about 7 left too. I gave away 10 to a friend at work that is TTC. Some days it's nice to see the dark line for reassurance that everything is ok.

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omg I can't wait until I hit 8 weeks and I can convince myself that I will probably never ever ever ever POAS again. I'm seriously obsessed. I thought it would stop after I got a BFP. I've peed on two FRERs which were both positive (but the second was lighter) and I went and bought 3 dollar store tests today. The one I used was very very very faint but definitely there and not FMU. I'm going to TRY to wait until Monday to get my missed AF to do any more. Good luck with that Wink

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Well your numbers don't come close to mine, because I bought a 100 pack of ic's... and I've gone through 3 frers as well.

When I go my bfp I probably only had 60-70 tests left AND THEY ARE ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hehe.. I first notice the bedding.. is that.. SEAHAWK BEDDING?!?!?
Are you originally from Seattle-ish area?! haha.. my SO would love that!!


And I like the test too Smile