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Thinking about you today. I hope that you got some great news on your betas.

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me too. ? I hope all is well.

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I'm hoping you get great results, too! Thinking about you!

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Ive been thinking about you all day as well. Hope to hear some good news!

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Aww, thanks guys! You guys are seriously the best!! I am really hoping I get to stick it out with you guys. I should know the results tomorrow morning. The lab only draws on Sundays, but they don't run it....Wierd. I hope I can force myself into bed early and sleep away the hours, so I would just know already! We went shopping yesterday and I didn't buy a thing becuase I wasn't sure if I should buy maternity stuff or regular stuff. I WANT OUT OF LIMBO LAND!!! Thanks for the support girls it means a lot!!

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OH MAN! Waiting for something like this is awful! Huge hugs mama! That's so hard to be stuck not knowing. Please update us tomorrow when you know. Keeping everything crossed for you.

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Just checking in too Smile Not long before morning, hope you're sleeping soundly and the hours are passing quickly. In the meantime lots of hugs!

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So sorry for the long wait. Hoping and praying for high numbers tomorrow. Smile :bighug:

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Waits like this are so hard! I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the answers you are looking for!!!:bigarmhug:

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Praying for good news. :bigarmhug:

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Well I am still waiting. The lab forgot to run my blood first thing this am......So I have to wait a few hours for them to run it. Gah!!! So I will do my homework to distract myself for the next few hours........

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Gah - how frustrating. I'm sure its dragging by for you.

Have you tested again at home?