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Cash cash cash


I tried posting my birth story but it wouldnt let me post it. Pretty uncomfortable and trying to recovery. its been a draning long couple of days. here are some pictures. Thanks ladies for all the great support and positive energy u sent my way. Cash is doing great now thank god.

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Congrats!! What a little peanut and so cute!!! I hope you can recover quickly with little to no pain. I hope you can go home soon! Can't wait to hear the story!

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So cute!

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aaaaaaaaw what a cutie ! Congrats again Hon. I hope you're both able to go home soon. :bigarmhug:

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What a cutie!! So glad he is doing so well! I hope you are, too.

As a c/s momma it can be tough but get moving as best you can, take those meds to keep on top of pain and ask for help whenever you need it. Good job momma! You did great!

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He is so adorable! Congratulations again Jamie!!!!! Thanks for the pics and I am so glad that you and Cash are doing well.

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Congrats Momma! He is a cutie!

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So cute!!! Congratulations!

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Definitely been a struggle moving around. Working on getting my supply up so he can start packing on the lbs. I feel so blessed. I feel like this all happened days ago when it was only yesterday at midnight when he was born. Its been a big blur lately. Birth story will be up by the morning Smile

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It will get much easier. The first day or 2 are hard but it gets exponentially better as the days pass. For some reason, day 5 is my worst and then day 6 is like new day/new person and I'm very much feeling 'normal'. By week 2 I'm usually getting yelled at by DH to rest more and not do too much so it really is a day by day thing.

And don't worry about milk/supply just yet. For some, actual milk doesn't come in until day 3-5. But what you have now, colostrum, is perfect for his little belly.

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congratulations! glad he is doing relatively well. take it easy one yourself and enjoy your adorable new lo!!!

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He looks so sweet. I hope your c/s recovery is not too long and that you and baby can go home soon.

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Tonight was better breastfeeding wise. He nursed 15 min then took a break for diaper change and cuddles with daddy then he came back to me and nursed again for another 15 minutes. Dr (not mine, but the new dr at my drs practice) is the one who delivered me and hes been on call so his pain management for me is 1 vicoden every 4 hours... Had an issue tonight and it got switched to 2 percocet every 4 hours and I got 3mg of morphine to help take edge of for immediate relief. I was shaking from the pain and couldnt even get up to hold my son and was told by the nurses that if he was on top of pain control that I would have it managed by now and it wouldnt be this difficult for me.. gee thanks dr lol

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Awww what a cutie Smile

Thanks for sharing your little man with us Smile

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He is such a cutie!

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He is adorable! I would just want to cuddle him and cuddle him and cuddle him aaaallllllll day long...

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Thanks everyone! hes so much cuter in person Smile he has the cutest butt! i cant wait for this nicu experience to be over with. i really hate that everything is on a schedule of when I can see him, ive changed his diaper once. I just want to bond with him completely and do everything for him. Dh wasnt even given the opportunity to cut his cord.