Cash is here!!!!

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Cash is here!!!!

Jamie had cash last night. They wound up taking him via c-section. He is doing really well but can't be with her until they make sure there is no infection, which will be tomorrow. Standard procedure. He was 5lbs 10oz, 18.5" and oh so adorable! She's sore which is expected. It was a long road but he's finally here Biggrin

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Congrats Jamie!! What a little peanut! Can't wait to see some pictures!!! Hope she feels better soon and can manage the pain!

Can't believe our first Jan baby is here!! Who is next?

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Congrats! He is only 2 ounces smaller than my 39 week 2 day baby!!!! Glad he is here safe and hope for a speedy recovery for mom and baby.

Can't believe January moms are having their baby's already! I'm sure I will be among one of the last to go.

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Congratulations Jamie! So glad you went & got checked after your scare this w/end.

Glad everyone is healthy. Can't wait to see the lil' guy.

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Congrats Jamie! Hope you and baby are doing well. Can't wait to hear your birth story and see pictures!

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awwww Smile how exciting.. Here we all go Ladies. Smile

Yay for little Cash

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Congrats!! Glad to hear all is well! He's a little guy like my DS was, same exact weight! Can't wait too see pics Biggrin

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CONGRATS Jaimie !!! I can't wait to see pics. Hope you have a speedy recovery. :bigarmhug:

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Yay! Our first January baby! Congratulations, Jamie, and we need pictures!

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Congratulations Jamie and Welcome to the world Cash!!!! I hope you recover fast!!!

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Welcome Cash! Can't believe our first January Snowflake is here.

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Congrats to Jamie! Hope Cash and mommy are both doing well. Can't wait for an update and pictures.

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Congratulations!! Hope all is going well, can't wait to see your little guy!

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Congrats!!! Our first Snowflake!

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I can't believe someone already gave birth. I'm praying everything will turn out fine and momma and baby will be home in time for the holidays.

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Welcome to the world Cash!

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He is doing great, she finally got to hold him last night Smile They are so adorable!

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Welcome Cash!!! Congrats Smile