Cat vent!!!!!

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Cat vent!!!!!

So I have 4 cats and i really do love them, but the whole reason we got cats was so they would be low maintenance pets but i was soo wrong! I can't even take my daughter on a bike ride without 2 of them following us meowing the whole time. Omg sorry for the stupid vent, but this has seriously happened the last 4-5 times we have tried to go on a walk and its getting so annoying!

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LOL! Don't tell me that! We got a kitten at the end of June--because we didn't want a high maintenance pet like a dog that needs walking and cleaning the yard of poop. So far she's great, and loves to be outside and she sometimes comes in. Mostly she's outside all day and in at night. But eventually she'll be an outdoor kitty (how else is she supposed to be a good "ratter" if she is inside at night! She needs to work for her keep! lol)

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I don't have a cat but my dog is attached to my hip 24-7. She follows me everywhere I go and I even trip over her. Walking her is a chore because she barks at anyone who gets near me. She was like that during my first pregnancy. I think pets can sense when you are pregnant and become protective.

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Can you shut them in the house before you leave?