changed my ticker and ice cream

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changed my ticker and ice cream

Rolled back my due date (based on the u/s) and chose a snowflake theme for a winter baby. Also made it more boy-like since I think it's a boy.

I love ice cream. DH is going to get us sundaes at our favorite homemade ice cream place. I am so tired I hope I can stay up until he gets home. Weird fact: I used to love vanilla ice cream (or based ice creams with yummy stuff in it) but after DD I like chocolate ice cream better. Another weird fact: chocolate ice cream melts faster than vanilla.

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Cute ticker! Hope you can stay up to enjoy the ice cream!

I've never been a big ice cream fan but I do like it. Definitely prefer chocolate to vanilla. Smile

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I like them mixed. That's the only way I will eat them. Most of the icecream I eat is very very mixed with all sorts of stuff. Though, after all these years, I think cookies and cream is still my fav. And yes chocolate does melt faster the vanilla. Smile

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ice cream Smile