Circumcision ? (poor lil man)

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Circumcision ? (poor lil man)

Good Day Ladies First time mommy ???

I was just wondering your thoughts on this subject? I am not sure if I should do it or not.. I feel so bad for the LO Sad

I did find a good website but still lurking around reading up on it.


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I got my son circumcised. The hospital where I gave birth don't offer it so we had to pay a dr who does it at a private clinic. We wanted it done because his daddy is circumcised so figured he could identify better if his "privates" look exactly like daddy. It was hard to see the procedure though so I left the room and my DH and MIL stayed with him. He was screaming sooo much :(. The recovery went well and if I ever have more boys I'll get them circumcised as well.

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It's all a personal decision. I have my boys circumcised because my family has a history of UTI's in little boys with out it. My brother and his first boy had those issues. Doing a home birth I'm not sure when it will be done but hopefully in the first week. Both my other boys had it done at the hospital, #1 wasn't even 24 hours old and #2 was a little over a day old. The both cried for about 10 minutes then it never bothered them again. #2 was great once he got moms boob back. lol.

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You have to look at the source here...Dr. Sears is more in the camp of co-sleeping, limited vaccines, attachment type parenting. He is only one doctor and there are many more who would disagree with him on many of his teachings and opinions. I did a bunch of research on Dr. Sears, along with other doctors, esp. with DD #1 - and after awhile I found that I didnt agree with alot of what he has to say.

That being said, circumcision is a personal choice. There is evidence that circumcision helps to cut down on the UTIs and STDs in boys (and men). However, I can see why some parents dont want to, or feel it unnecessary, to circumcise their boys. My husband wanted it for our son because he thought it would be better for him to appear like his daddy. I am not going to lie, it was hard handing DS over to get his circumcision...I had fears...and probably will with this one if it is a boy as well. However, it is what is best for us and our family...and I believe for our son(s).

Try not to put so much stock into one persons opinion. Do your due research on the subject (obviously dont visit anti-circ or pro-circ sites - you'll just get biased opinions and see scare tactics). THere is no wrong answer to this is just what will be best for you and your family. Smile

**Edited to add: another reason that I chose to get DS circumcised is that my grandfather had to have a circumcision late in life (dont know the exact reason). I am not going to say that it hurts more as an adult, but it is something that you definitely will remember - versus if you are a newborn infant. ***

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Circumcision can be a heated topic, but it is ultimately a personal decision.

DS is circumcised. That said, if this LO had been a boy, I'm not sure we would have done it again. We had no problems with DS -- he healed easily and well. The main reason that I wouldn't necessarily do it again is because it seems unnecessary to me. Without any outlying risk factors in our family (such as UTI), it makes the most sense to me leave things be. (I actually spent a good amount of timing thinking about it, b/c I was convinced this LO was a a way I'm glad I was wrong as it relieved a lot of stress for this decision.) I don't regret DS's at all, but just think I would make a different decision this time. The simpler path, to me, is to leave things as they came out!

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We didn't circumcise Nathan and won't circumcise the next either. I just don't see the need for it. It is becoming far more common to leave boys intact than it used to be. It just seems like an unnecessary thing. I dunno....I say leave things be.

Rich was a little hesitant because he is circumcised but really, it's wasn't enough of a reason to circumcise for us.

I don't think that the foreskin was a mistake in human design and I prefer to leave it there.

Now, if I knew that my son was going to be a promiscuous man living in Africa with no education about safe sex, I probably would have circumcised. LOL But being in our family, I'm pretty sure he's going to be well educated and will know that a condom does a much much much better job of preventing STD than lack of foreskin does.

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I'm glad that this topic was brought up b/c it has been on my mind especially now that we know we are having a boy. DH is circumcised but the boys in my immediate family were not so I'm not sure where I stand. I did a paper and presentation on the ethics of male neonatal circumcision for my ethical biology class ages ago, but I can't remember if I came up with a personal conclusion even then. It would be easy to say do it so he looks like DH but I don't know if deep down I am comfortable with using that reason alone. Plus in the back of mind I worry about it being botched (I know that's worse case scenario and highly unlikely). I've heard it's less common in a lot of European countries which makes me wonder why it is more prevalent in the US.

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*lurker from April*

We had our LO circumcised. It was done in the hospital the day after he was born. I wasn't there for the procedure,(they asked, but I declined). I'll be honest, I did it purely for the vain / ease standpoint. I remember my first experience with an uncircumcised penis and it scared the crap out of me. (not funny in a way, but lol to me). Plus, it seemed easier to take care of. My hubs had no qualm about not having his foreskin.

We had no issues and he healed nicely. Doesn't help you make your choice, but that's why we did it. Smile

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I am a first time mom and I will be circumsizing my son. But I think mine is due more to personal experience; my ex of 3 years had a boy who i looked after since he was 1 and there was a time where his penis got so swollen from his mother not cleaning it properly and he was in so much pain; although I will be cleaning it properly for my son I would rather the risk of infection be as low as possible. And my husband is dead set on having him circumsized; he doesnt want the ladies to make fun of him...which i dont know any grown woman that would but i do have to take my husbands wants into consideration. You know on this topic i really wish i could just ask my son if he wants to be circumsized or not cause minus the infection issue I really could care less if his penis has foreskin on it or not.

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This is always a heated topic....

I did NOT have Nicholas circumsized. My DH is circ but to do something "to make him look like daddy" isn't really a good reason in my book. We did a lot of research on the benefits and drawbacks of it and seperately and drew our own conclusions. I was against it and DH was wishy-washy.

It is not considered a medical necessity and in most of the world people do not circ. The Acadamy of Peds (I think that's the name?) does not recommend it and the benefits seemed so small. Penile cancer is very rare to begin with and it reduces some UTIs. Girls are more susceptable to UTIs because of their anatomy but you don't see us cutting of labias because of that. People can also have their appendix burst and it has no medical function but they aren't removed until it causes problems.

More and more people are choosing not to circ. In the south where we live, I am sure more people circ but just because "everyone is doing it" isn't really a valid reason either. I think the rate is something like 60% of people are around here. Nationally it is about 50/50. These are all stats from 2008 though when I did the research so it may have changed a little.

All of this being said, Nicholas was admitted to the hospital at 3 weeks old due to a fever. It turns out it was due to a UTI and some of the physicians were asking if I was going to circ but we didn't and he hasn't had a UTI since. We went through some testing to make sure it wasn't his kidneys and everything was fine. I asked the dr's if it was because of his circ and they said that 2% babies get UTIs this early and they can't say if he was circ that it wouldn't have happened. I wondered if I had made the right decision when we were going through all of that but looking back I am glad that we didn't. Now I can tell my son that we chose not to remove part of his body that he was born with just because of "what if's". Also, he should experience more sexual pleasure. I'm not worried about the cleaning. We will just teach him how to clean properly when his foreskin retracts (hasn't yet I don't think).

Take your time and do the research. Don't let other people's thinking sway an important decision that you make for YOUR son.

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WOW I have alot of research to do Smile Most likely he will not be but I just wondered if all that I heard was true. (UTI, Cancer etc)

Thanks for the response and muchO information Smile


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We researched the topic and ultimately decided to circumcise our boys, and this one will be too. Our hospital does the circ before we leave and it has healed very quickly both times.

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We will most likely be circumsizing here, but it is a very personal decision so you just have to do what you are comfortable with.

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We circumcised our DS and we will also with our his baby brother. My husband is and we wanted him to be like Dad. My OB actually did the procedure, I would assume most of them do.
Good Luck making the decision!

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It is a personal decision and I don't think one way is right and the other is wrong (basically I wouldn't say parents who did circ were mean, uneducated or bad and visa versa).

When I had my first son 13 years ago circ'ing was still pretty common. For a lot of families we dread what our little ones will grow through, but we do it because 'it's just what you do'.

I have 4 sons. All are circ'ed. If I am ever blessed with another son, I would like to not circ. My reason being is now it is more acceptable to not circ than it is to circ. We actually have to think of our choice now, where before we didn't really think we just 'did'. After thinking, praying, and reading about it, I no longer feel comfortable doing it. I also don't regret the choices I made in the past. I still stand by those choices Wink

So how is that for clear as mud? I don't think anyone but a parent can make the right choice for their child.

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I def agree that it's a personal decision. My DS was circumsised and they did it in the hospital the day after he was born and he was such a trooper. We did it because it's just the norm I our family. Now, if I decide to have another child and it happens to be a boy I am not sure if he will be or not. DH is not circumsised and he doesn't want his sons to be either, he has a 9 year old who isn't. It would just be a decision me and him make together.

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If we are having a boy we will not be circumcising him. It is totally uncommon in Europe where I grew up. DH insisted on it at first (he is circ'd) but after doing a bunch of research he decided not to for reasons already mentioned above. Based on the most up-to-date medical information out there it is simply not a medically necessary or recommended procedure and is purely a matter of personal choice. I just cannot get myself to let anyone hurt my baby for something I consider purely cosmetic, whether he remembers it later on or not.

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Only weighing in because this thread was posted on our board too.
It should be a personal decision....Your son's.
I have 4 intact sons.

For those on the fence, check this out:

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We were on the fence about it with DS#1, but eventually decided to do it since DH is circ'd. He was however born with a condition called hypospadias. This is when the hole that boys urinate from is not in the right spot. His condition is very mild and he did not require surgery to fix it or anything, but we were advised not to have him circ'd as it could make his condition worse. I felt immense relief when the Dr's said we couldn't do it, which made me realize that it was really something that I did not want to do. When DS#2 came along, it was not a hard choice. We just said no. DS#2 did develop an infection on his foreskin at around 1 yr old, but that is really the only issue we have had. He had been in a wading pool shortly before that, so the Dr. said that this is likely what caused it. We kept him out of the pool for the rest of the summer and we had no further problems. He went swimming several times this summer and we had no problems whatsoever. I just made sure to change him out of his swimmers diapers as soon as he was out of the pool.

I don't agree with those who attack Parents who choose to circ, as people do it for many different reasons. I simply researched it, prayed about it and decided that it was not something that I wanted to do, and thankfully DH agreed with my choice.

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