Which Co-Sleeper?

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Which Co-Sleeper?

For those of you who have used the Arms Reach Co-sleeper...which one did you use. I'm trying to decide if I want to get the full size or the mini. I'm hoping to keep the baby in the co-sleeper as long as possible....though I know they say (and will respect) the age limit is 5 months.

Would the mini really be big enough to last 5 months? I don't need or care about the play pen function, so that doesn't factor into my decision.

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I think the Mini is all you need. I felt like it was big enough and I also didn't care about the play pen function so really didn't see the need for the bigger one. Right at 5 months my daughter started crawling out onto the bed so it was pointless but I LOVED it while she stayed in it! I think you cannot go wrong it Smile

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I like my mini, it did the job!

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I don't have that brand but I have the nursery center by Baby Trend.

I love it! And while I didn't care about the play pen feature it has been very helpful when traveling with my now 23 month old to use as a bed/crib.

We bought it because it has a removable bed/sleeper part so I can use the sleeper only when I'm downstairs and then put it on the playpen part at night when I'm upstairs in bed. We only got about 2-3 months use befor DS#4 was too long for it. If your little man stays large, you may want to look at the size of the sleeper part as a decision maker.