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Well, it's appeared. I noticed last night when I got out of the shower & again this morning before I got in the shower.

Not so much that I need pads or anything, but enough to make me feel relieved that I know my milk is going to arrive as planned. The last two times I have been a nursing machine, but it's been awhile so I was a little concerned.

Needless to say, Ed is a little freaked out. lol.

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I got mine a few weeks ago - but like you said, no pads needed. I was so relieved to see I had it now so I don't worry about never getting it.

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Ummm. I've been leaking it since I was about 8 weeks. lol. I stopped nursing a month or two before I got pregnant though so my milk never had a chance to dry up. I never could nurse my first but nursed my second for 14 months till he weaned himself. I'm planning on nursing this one about the same. My DH was a little weirded out the first time I leaked too. Just wait till you leak while DTD. I do it to my DH at least once a month, mainly when I get a really good orgasm. lol. Especially if it's with me on top.

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I never actually leak, but i do get these little dried remnants that I think must be tiny bits of dried colostrum. I've been getting it since about 10 weeks.

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Yay for us Biggrin

Krista ~ I remember you posting about that awhile back.

I kind of have this thing where I enjoy people being uncomfortable. lol. Is that wrong? *blushing* So I think it's funny Ed kind of squirms. I have already told him I am going to shoot at him w/ it.

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I have already told him I am going to shoot at him w/ it.

That is hilarious! I used to tell my husband the same thing and he would freak out.