Coming Home Outfit

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Coming Home Outfit

Has anyone bought their coming home outfit? I bought mine today for Emily!!!,default,pd.html?cgid=carters-baby-girl-little-layette-easy-outfitting-sets

I couldn't pass up the ruffles on the butt and the cute cardigan. I'll have to put a blanket over her and get a hat too.

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So cute!

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Very cute! So exciting to be thinking about coming home outfits already!

Since we're not 100% sure on gender...we haven't bought one yet....but once we find out gender you can bet the coming home outfit will be the first thing we buy. If this one is another boy, it will probably be the only thing we buy! LOL

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Since we will most likely be having the baby at home, we wont have a coming home outfit. Wink Though we will have a super cute outfit for the baby to wear when they first meet the family. It's just undecided yet as we have yet to know the gender. I do have a way cute dress already if it turns out to be a girl. Smile

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Very cute!

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Too cute.. I need to go searching for one.. I already have the lil booty's that my husband wore home so that is a start Smile

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lol. whoops. i almost forgot. i'm assuming i would have remembered eventually.