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crappy news

I started having some mild cramping yesterday afternoon. I didn't think much of it because I've been having mild cramping for days and it's always been pretty normal for me in early pregnancy.

At 1am I ran to wall-mart and got a test cause I just couldn't sleep (was having hard cramps then, but not in my ovaries, it was in my lower back and it was wrapping around to the front) kind of like colic. Bought a cheap early equate test - still BFP - went to bed. Woke up about 45 minutes ago with really terrible cramps and a stabbing pain in my ovaries and vag -- went to the bathroom, there was lots of blood. I went through a pad already Sad

If it wasn't for the darned +HPT's I'd be thinking I'm having a terrible period this month.

So I am going to go back to the Waiting to O board.

DO NOT REMOVE YOUR SIGGIES! I am sad, but fine, and seeing other people with successful pregnancies actually cheers me up! It really does!

I am going to hang out because I'm pretty sure that if I get lucky next cycle with a sticky one it would probably be due by the end of this month anyways so I plan to stick around.

I really don't know what to say to my DH - I don't want to tell him on Easter KWIM?

Maybe I will wait till after we enjoy the day with the kids? Is that a bad idea?

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Oh, no! I'm so sorry. Early +HPTs can be so sad for this reason--but it's also good sometimes to know that conception is happening. Sad

I think it's ok to wait to tell him and enjoy a nice day with the family without the sadness

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oh Michelle :bigarmhug:

I'm sorry Sad

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Oh goodness! I am so so sooo sorry!!!!

I think its perfectly fine to not tell him until you have had a chance to have fun with your kiddos.

Lots of well wishes to you!

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Oh no!! I am so very sorry! {{{hugs}}}

As for telling DH, his support may be wonderful and needed but tell him when you are comfortable.

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*hugehugs* I'm so sorry. Sad I agree with all the pp, I would wait as well.

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Oh no! I'm so sorry....:(


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aw im sorry Sad

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:bigarmhug: I'm sorry Sad

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Oh, I'm so sorry. :bigarmhug:

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Well, I told DH and although he says he's fine he's been cleaning stuff ever since I mentioned it.. I mean, he took apart the sugar glider cage to clean it (which is NOT necessary) and is now working on putting it back together.

What is it with men anyways? The last thing I want to do is clean or build something! I just kind of want to sit and relax, play with the kids, the dogs, and then pretty much just sit on the couch and watch something amusing on TV till I pass out.

Thanks for all of your hugs and support! You guy's are so wonderful Smile

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I'm so sorry Sad I am glad you'll get a second chance at this month though!

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How long does it usually take to test - on an HPT after a CP?

I asked because the bleeding slowed after a few hours and became light, and now it's just heavy spotting on TP. I am so confused. I've also noticed that my breasts are still just as tender and the left one is actually enlarged quite a bit.

I might go to the doc, I don't know if I should, or if I should just give it another day or two. I don't think it's the best idea to have someone poking and prodding around in there right now.

Any ideas?

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It really depends how high the HCG got. With mine last month, I had a positive one day and a negative the next and only tiny spotting and didn't actually start full bleeding until 4 days later

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The most a doctor will do is betas. That will confirm what is going on.

I tested + for weeks after i started spotting. Bled for 2 weeks and then finally after about 3 weeks got a negative. I was 5 weeks by my dates but it took a long time for the hCG to leave my body.

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Why don't you keep charting your temps???

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I'd definitely go in and get a beta, they'll probably do a few to see if the number is going down.


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I'm so sorry, I agree with the PP's, maybe you should get checked out with the doc to make sure everything's ok...