Daniel Michael is Here!

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Daniel Michael is Here!

So sorry for the late update. I received a text last night 1/20/12 from Christine (brug64):

"Hey I know it's late but I wanted to let you know that Daniel Michael was born at 8pm 10lbs 21 1/2inchs long."

My birthbuddy and I had our babies on the same day. So sorry for the late update.

Congrats Christine and Welcome Daniel!

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Congrats Christine!! What a big boy!! That is so cool that you and your birth buddy both had babies the same day!!!

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Congrats Christine ! Wow, 10 lbs ! Too funny, my Daniel was a big boy too at 9 lbs, 3 ounces. Wink Hope everyone is recovering nicely.

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Congrats on your big boy!

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Congrats on your big boy!

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Congrats on your baby boy Daniel Smile