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Has everyone already gone? ive just been so lazy, i have to call myob and apparently get a letter to the dentist saying its ok to be seen. and since im in the middle of switching ob's i dont kno which one to call so maybe ill wait 2 more weeks.i dont know. just curious abut everyone else?

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Hmm.. Having no health insurance I can't afford to go to the dentist! I didn't go with my last pregnancy either, and I just try to keep up on my oral health at home the best I can.. Everything seems fine for me! I think you can wait the 2 weeks just fine

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I really on do the dentist during pregnancy if it's an emergency or pain is involved. I'm usually so uncomfortable that I prefer to wait until after baby for cleanings, etc. But that's just me...most dentists and doctors say it's completely safe and healthy to have work done once you're into the second tri.

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I went last pg in my second tri and just told them right away so they didn't do any x-rays. My gums bled a lot more than usual due to pg horomones but that also continued into my other appts when I was breastfeeding also. I never had any "work" done, just cleanings. This year I am scheduled to go in October so I will be in my 3rd tri then.

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I went last month. I only went because I had a cavity that had started bothering me. I think I would avoid the dentist otherwise, lol.

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lol ya i really dislike the dentist but everyone keeps telling me that i am suppose to go since im pregnant. but if i dont have any problems then i might as well wait it out. the drills freak me out and i really really hate having people digging around in my mouth

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I went with my first to have a cleaning done but have never been back. I hate the dentist and only go if i'm in pain, even when not pregnant. They like you to go but it's not a requirement. They mainly like to make sure you are starting out your pregnancy 100% healthy. I wouldn't worry about it though. We don't have insurance though and everything costs WAY too much and most dentists want the money RIGHT THEN.

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I went last week because I have a sensitive tooth, but they didn't do anything other than clean my teeth. No x-ray b/c I was pregnant. And the teeth cleaning hurt like crazy. Not worth it, IMO, and that tooth is still sensitive...