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felt the baby.... not moving. lol. He still can't feel the baby's movements, heck sometimes I can't feel them but this morning the baby decided it liked the little cradle my hip made and fell asleep wedged down in my right hip creating a very hard lump. I noticed my tummy was all lopsided down there and pushed a little and that spot was a little harder, so I quickly called DH over, he was getting ready for work, and had him feel the hard spot. The baby did slowly move out of my hip but it was so cute feeling the baby wedged down there. DS2 always wedged himself down in my hips too and it hurt really bad when he got bigger, I hope this one stops before it gets too big. But where it wasn't painful yet it was super cute! Feeling the baby it actually feels to be about the size of my fist. Made me that much more excited to hold it. Smile

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YAY!! I'm always poking at my girl. Poor things. lol

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I cannot wait for my DH to feel the lil man.. each day I feel it more and more.. so hopefully within a few weeks DH can be just as excited.. right now I think he just gets jealous.. a lil

LOL @ Lesley.. I do the same thing..