Does anyone want to....

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Does anyone want to....

Be facebook friends Smile

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I'd like to, but I'm waiting until my appt in a week to "announce" on I'll wait until then. Does anyone know how to set up a Facebook group for the Jan ladies?

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Oh me me me, i love fb Biggrin hehe, you can find me by searching [email][/email]

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would love to.. but gotta keep it quiet that im pregnant for awhile yet (still havent told my parents) [email][/email]

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I know how to set up a group. Would you like me to do that?

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I don't think I will ever announce it on fb....well, maybe after baby is born or if I get to the point where i just don't care.

I would love to be friends w/ you all tho Smile maybe just no baby messages on my wall.

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I would love to be FB friends, just no "expecting" posts for me either...seems most of us are in the same boat! I have only shared with a few people so far and no one at work yet.
Oh, and be careful what the group name is or it might give us all

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