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Last night my brother told me that he had had a dream about meeting mine and Brad's child. He said that he was about 4 years old, and looked just like Brad, including the red hair. He said that he ran up to my brother saying "Uncle Jeff, Uncle Jeff!" and went on saying that some kids were picking on him.

I think that as little as 3-4 months ago, this would have made me sad, and feeling sorry for myself. For some reason though, this made me feel really hopeful and optimistic. I know we aren't TTC for a few more months, but I almost feel like sometime soon I may get my wish.

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Sometimes I swear dreams can foresee the future lol
Hopefully this was a forshadowed event and you will have a sweet little bean to chase after uncle Jeff (:

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My 5 year old told me two days ago that she had a dream that I turned her playroom into a nursery. We do not talk about babies or TTC at home at all. No one knows we are TTC LOL

Who knows, maybe there is something to it!