Emily Grace's birth story with pics! (XP)

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Emily Grace's birth story with pics! (XP)

I woke up Saturday morning around 5am feeling crampy and started to wonder what was going on. Had a few intense contrax but no pattern so I laid around for a while with Nick watching Christmas shows. The contractions were more lower than before in my belly and I told Clif at one point "If this is how I feel in labor, I am for sure getting an epidural". Got up around 8am from the couch and cooked breakfast and started some muffins for Clif. Ate breakfast and stood up and felt a small gush. That's when we took Nicholas across the street and I showered. Went to the hospital and checked in. I stood up and my water REALLY broke right there in the waiting room. Got to my room and kept gushing fluids. It is crazy how much was there!

Dr checked and I was 4cm 70% with contractions 5 min apart. Sat on the birth ball for about 3 hours before getting the epi. Towards the end I was just waiting for the anesthesiologist and saying loudly " It HURTS". Got the epi and 1.5 hrs later I was 7-8cm and 90%. After that it hurt pretty bad still and I kept getting loud saying "ow" and "mommy has an owie in her belly" 30 min of that and I was ready to push. 18 min of pushing maybe 4-5 contrax and she was here. Again I was pretty vocal with "it hurts".

Afterwards Emily nursed for about an hour. We were trying to get her blood sugar up because it was close to their alert level at first. It took them a while to get the scale in to weigh her. They checked her sugars ever 30 minutes for the first 2 hours. Got moved to my recovery room around 7:30. Total labor was from around 8:30am when my water broke at home to 4:18 pm. Not too bad! Recovery has been ok. I have a 2nd degree tear so I am taking motrin and percocet. Emily is nursing well with a nipple shield and passed all her sugars. I passed mine too so no more diabetes! My milk still isn't in but I think it is coming close.

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Congrats! I think it's cool you had an early in the day labor- seems like so many are later and in the middle of the night. Hope you recover quickly!

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Congratulations! What a cutie!

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Congrats!! That was a fast and easy labor!! She is a cutie!!

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She's beautiful! Congrats!

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Congrats! She is adorable.

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awwww she is so so cute Smile It amazes me that so many of us are becoming mommies in Dec.. (Crazy but oh so wonderful)

Hoping that you have a speedy recovery.. thanks for sharing (hugs)

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She's adorable and you look great! Congrats!!

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Congratulations! She's adorable! Biggrin

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Beautiful baby and Mommy. :bigarmhug: