ER Visit - long.

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ER Visit - long.

So after talking to the OB clinic at the Navy Hospital about my cramping that I have been experiencing they suggested that I go to the ER to have it checked out. Yes, one would think that I should be able to just go to OB and have them check it out for me - but this is military medicine and that is now how the "system" works. Very universal healthcare-ish. Ugh.

Anyway I sat at that ER for almost 5 hours before being brought back. I was SO close to going home and the front desk staff was not at all helpful. But when i told them I was leaving they got on the ball and had a nurse come talk me out of it..."just give us 10 more minutes - we have a room for you..." blah blah blah. Fine.

Went back and after another hour wait the doctor came in with an old-*** u/s machine. She could not detect anything whatsoever on it - she kept shaking her head as she was wanding me! She decided that I should stay to rule out an ectopic! That freaked me the heck out...I was thinking the worst. So by that time it was almost 7pm and the hospital staff had gone home - they had to call the on-call u/s tech to come back in.

Had the u/s but it was stressful in itself b/c the tech could not tell me ANYTHING...she said that she was not allowed to and that the radiologist had to read it. Grrrr. So another hour later the results are back and it was determined that I didnt have an ectopic and there was indeed a sac. She said they *think* they saw a fetal pole but not 100% sure. Not that I expected to see a heartbeat this early but I was hoping for something a bit more than a *i think*...kwim? Finally I got out of there at 9pm...8 hours after I got there.

Other news is that my beta was 9000 and my progesterone is 29. I have to go back in 48 hours to check the HCG levels again and make sure they are rising. The only thing is that OB wont see me yet so even if the numbers are wonky I have no one to really help me.

Military medicine can be infuriating at times. Sigh. But the good news is that there is no tubal pregnancy and they found a sac.

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Now that is frustrating!

Glad you got to see the sac but with they had a better machine to use.

Hoping numbers continue to rise perfectly and you have no more cramps.

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I think it's too early for a heartbeat so try not to worry too much about that. Your numbers look good, I Hope they continue to rise. Sorry you had to sit in the ER for so long....NO FUN at all Sad

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Very frustrating! I'm sorry that they weren't able to tell you something more concrete. I hope that you get more info soon.

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Oh, I'm so sorry you had to go through that! The ER is such a crappy place! With DD I had a similar experience...waiting forever to see someone, waiting forever for an ultrasound, and then waiting forever to hear the results of the ultrasound. Stressful and no fun!

I had an ultrasound with DS at about 5.5 weeks due to some spotting, and there was definitely no heartbeat yet. All they saw was a sac and maybe a fetal pole, so very similar to what you saw.

Hope you are feeling better today!

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That's horrible Ellen. Try not to stress out too much, and just have faith that things are just fine.

I know that's easier said than done. Make sure you keep us updated, you're in our thoughts.

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that sucks!! ERs can be soooo infuriating! it's one thing when you're having to wait all that time, but when the staff doesn't even try to be helpful it's just about unbearable.

i think it's probably early for them to be able to detect a hb, but at least what they did find sounds good (especially with those old crappy machines...sounds like a pair of x-ray vision goggles would have been more useful than what they had on hand!).

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Don't get worried just yet, it's definitley WAY too early to detect a HB, even with an U/S. As long as your numbers are good you're in the clear! Think positive... I know it's hard!

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I do am married to the Army. I freaked a little bit when my RE nurse told me they didn't need anymore blood test until the first ultrasound on the 13th. She said unless I start bleeding and cramping then to call and come in. I really wanted to get another set this week. But your numbers look really great.

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So sorry to read this. I too spent time in the ER last week thinking I had an ectopic pregnancy. My u/s technician did tell me the sac was in the uterus. I was measuring 5w6d at the time and she said it was too soon to see a hb. I am going in next Monday (10 days later) for another u/s at the doctor's office to check on the baby. So glad your sac is in the uterus! Hang in there.