Eva had her baby!

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Eva had her baby!

I know Eva (Clio) has lot's of stalkers who are waiting to hear about her baby boy! Well, he arrived this morning. Both are happy and healthy.

It's been such a long road for her. I'm so happy for her wonderful little family.

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YAY ! CONGRATS Eva !!! Can't wait to see pics and to hear more about it. :bigarmhug:

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*lurk* Eva!!! I haven't talked to you in ages & I see why! Congrats on yhour little man!!! I feel I had a part in his creation afterall lolol (Eva WILL understand that comment from me LOL)

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This made my weekend!!! Smile Hooray Eva! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about his arrival!

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Thank you so much everyone. This site has been a godsend for the past four years and you are all so amazing and supportive. Not to mention just a teeny-weeny bit insane.

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A huge congratulations, Eva!!!! I remember you well from the blossoms board...so happy for you!!!

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Yahoo Congratulations Eva! I hope everything is going wonderfully with you and baby boy.

ETA Just saw his name, Jonah. Love it!