Ewwww! Skin tags!

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Ewwww! Skin tags!

Why does pregnancy do such gross things to our body? I'm supposedly prone to skin tags anyway, because of my PCOS, but before I got pregnant, I only had two on my neck which were pretty recent, and one in my armpit from forever ago.

But the other day I was examining the two on my neck, and was actually relieved to see that they looked smaller. I checked them out again a few days later, but they mysteriously seemed to be back to their regular size. A few days later again, and they had shrunk again. Confused, I angled the mirror slightly, and to my horror, realized that I was looking at a completely different set of skin tags! The original two are farther back! I have FOUR on that side of my neck now!

I looked on the other side of my neck, and ewww! I have like three on my collar bone!

I really hope that my provincial health care covers their removal and I won't have to pay for it. I suspect that they don't--it's probably considered cosmetic, but maybe my GP will take mercy on me.

Anyone else got something gross going on with their skin? Anyone develop the linea nigra yet?

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Ew that sucks! I get those from my father, they suck! Luckily, and knock on wood, I haven't got any this pregnancy. Just still have the ones I've ways had which thankfully are very few and hidden.