Excited for tonight - just babble

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Excited for tonight - just babble

I am excited & just want to share....

So there's this band called Eagles of Death Metal, it is a duo & one of the guys is the singer for Queens of the Stone Age & the other one is this guy named Jesse Hughes ~~ this is the guy we might name our girl after.

Anywoo...Jesse Hughes has gone solo as Boots Electric ~~ this is why I call our girl Boots ~~ and he is playing a $5 show in LA tonight as like a pre-release party for his album that will be released in September.

It's going to be at the old Los Angeles Stock Market building in downtown. Biggrin I am SOOOO EXCITED to go!!

Tonight will probably determine whether we go w/ the name Jesse or not. We really like Jesse Boots.

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That sounds like fun! Hope you guys have a great time! Biggrin

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Have fun Lesley!! Hope the baby likes the music too! Biggrin

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Have a great time!