False labor that never ends...grr...or is it?

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False labor that never ends...grr...or is it?

So that last 2 days I have been very crampy like my period is going to start and a bad one at that. My back was killing me and contractions in the front that were not very regular but I could feel them in my back also. So I thought maybe back labor. My ob is out of town till the 3rd so I talked to the new ob and she said to walk keep it going and call back. I talked to her a few times and this morning it's died down but the cramps and backache is still there. She told me today to just relax and my dr will see me next week.

So I am thinking maybe I have a bladder or kidney infection, the ob said if my urine was funny or any other syptoms it would be something to look into but not that important. What do you think?

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Sounds like your body is getting ready but not really real just yet. I would take it easy, watch your urine and call about anything unusual.

I got bad period like cramps a few days in a row for a good part of the day last week. And this week lots of BH contractions. I notice them even more if my bladder is full. But take it easy, let your body rest so it can keep up.