First appointment

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First appointment

I know the video isnt that great but you can see the heart beating. The NP was too lazy and didnt do an endovaginal like she said she probably should have. But she did say everything looks perfect and they will see me again at 12 week! WOOOOO Im so happy all i needed to see was the heart beating and now I am much calmer

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Glad all is well!

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Glad to hear you had a great appointment and got to see the heart beat!

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yay, congrats!

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Ooh! A video! I'm so jealous--I didn't even get a measly picture. This is wonderful, congratulations!

Did they give you anything for the m/s?

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Glad everything went well!

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YAY for a heartbeat!!! Congrats!!!

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Ya they gave me phenergan but im skeptical now about taking it just because it does knock people out and I got off all my psch meds except for one so my mind is a little scatter brained and Im thinking if it is going to sedate me wont it sedate my baby and slow its heartrate down?

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Congratulations on seeing the heartbeat! That's just awesome! Loved the video Smile

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Congrats!! So exciting seeing the heartbeat!!

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Congrats on a great appt ! Biggrin