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First appointment

I had my first appointment today, I got set up for a NT scan on July 13th, and tomorrow I have to go for fasting bloodwork because of my glucose being high before I was pregnant. Other that it was a routine visit, answered lots of questions and had a pap, she looked up my u/s from over the weekend and said everything was perfect and EDD is Jan 24th. I go back on July 5th, the good thing is now her office is closer and they do ultrasounds there so I don't have to go to another office for scans Biggrin

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That's great! Glad you had a good first appt Smile I go to mine at 10 weeks (just 1 week from today!)

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Yay for a great appointment! Sounds like everything is right on track.

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Yahoo for a great appt!

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Yay!!! That's great Tanya!

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YAY for a great appt!!! Glad everything went well!!!!

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Yay for good apts Smile hey simplyblessed... We have the same due date it looks like. Smile

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Hooray! Good news.

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I'm glad your appointment went well Tanya! Good luck with your fasting glucose screen. I guess it will be good to know now if you have GD rather than later.

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Congrats on a great first appt. Biggrin

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Happy first appt for you!