First OB Appointment

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First OB Appointment

So, I had my first OB appointment this morning. Its so nice to hear your doctor say , "Yes, you are indeed pregnant." I swear my DH doesn't believe it until the OB says it.

We scheduled my first U/S for Monday, May 16th. YAY!!! And the OB said that because of a cervical lasseration (s/p?) I had during my previous delivery, I'll actually have more U/S's than most women during this pregnancy. So, a little scary, but with a silver lining....more pictures! Smile

And my due date changed from January 2nd to January 3rd.

Ha ha! It feels so official now!

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Congrats on your first appt! I'm a bit envious Smile

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Wohoo! Can't wait...please share pics!

I won't even be calling the doc until mid May. The paperwork appt is at 8 weeks and then the pap and u/s is at 9 weeks. I'm so excited!

I'll be doing it vicariously through you!

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Congrats on a great appt ! Biggrin

I still have to call to schedule mine. :oops:

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Congrats on your good appointment! Mine is Thursday Smile

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I tried going on my insurance's website to find an OB/GYN, and their servers crashed. Wonderful.

I may just call the midwife that I used with Thing 2, but I don't think she's in my network. Stupid American insurance hoops...

Anyways, glad to hear that your appointment went so well!