First OB appt scheduled!

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First OB appt scheduled!

Yay! I'm so excited! I have my first OB appt scheduled for May 17th. They said they could have gotten me in sooner, but my OB is on vacation this week. Bummer! I'm so excited to get my bloodwork done and make it official.

I've been testing every morning with the strip tests, and it's getting darker every day. Think this bean is sticking!

When do you all have your first OB appt?

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That's really soon - that's great! Are you getting an u/s that day? If not, how soon does your OB do them?

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Not sure about the US. They have one in their office, but I think last time around they didn't do the first one until after 6 weeks. This appt will be right at 5 weeks, so I may have to wait. Our OB is awesome though, so he may just let come back by the following week for one. We'll see. Smile

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I just scheduled mine, too! May 27 for paperwork/bloodwork and June 16 for pap and us!!!

Seems they changed the us dates. They used to do them 8-9 week but now it's 10-11. Oh well, I prefer them later anyway. So stinking excited.

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Thats awesome to get one so soon! I have to wait until June 1st, but they are doing everything that day including ultrasound Smile KUP on how it goes!

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I have my first appointment with the midwife who delivered Thing 2 on May 19 at too-damn-early o'clock. I don't know what all is going to go on at that appointment - probably a pee sample, probably some blood drawn, probably not an ultrasound. At this point, it's really up in the air and I don't know what to expect - it's been over 6 years since I've had an OB appointment (not a GYN appt, I've had those), I don't know what's "standard" anymore.