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Forever away

I set up my first midwife appointment for July 12th. It's going to seem like it takes forever to get here! I will be 11 weeks by then so we will more than likely be able to hear the heart beat. Smile At least it helps to know that May is coming up on being over fairly quickly. Smile

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That does seem like a long time away! Although I would love it if it flew by to that day because I may feel better by then. Blum 3

I hope the days go by fast for you and you hear a nice strong HB that day!

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That does seem like a ways out though it will be so cool that you'll get to hear baby's heartbeat then. Biggrin

I feel torn wanting to know that I've gotten to a "safer" place but at the same time not wanting the summer to be over. We had a really long, hard winter and am wanting to be able to enjoy nice weather for a long time to come. Smile

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It doess seem like a long time! Hope it goes fast for you!!!

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Wow, that is a long time! I was feeling like mine was forever away, and its june 21 at 10 weeks. Good luck with patience and hearing the h/b!

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I'm blessed with very busy summers so I'm hoping that helps. We have at least one family reunion in June, one in July, DS1's 3rd birthday in July, and the 4th of July. And anything in between those that might crop up. Plus I think it's my dads 50th birthday this year so we might plan a party for that. Smile