Funny Question for labor :)

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Funny Question for labor :)

Thought I would ask something funny Smile Just because the board is slow and I am laying in bed trying to relax!

Socks or no socks during labor Smile

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My first I didn't have socks on but my second I did. I wont be wearing socks this time though because I'm planning for a water birth. That and even if I wasn't I don't want to bleed on my socks again like I did with DS2. lol.

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Most definitely socks! My feet get so cold!

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I hate socks! I don't even like wearing them in the winter! But I think its funny to have bare feet when the dr is down there lol Smile I am not sure what I will do but I was laying in bed thinking about it for some strange reason!

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I wore (and ruined) socks for the first and plan to wear and ruin a pair of socks this time around too.

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I didn't have socks last time because it was the end of June. This time I am bringing some socks but if I am as hot as I was the first time I won't be wearing them.

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I didnt have socks Smile I was walking for 75% of my labor in flip flops... im not the socks with flip flops type haha. Fortunately I painted my toes that morning in between contractions before heading to the hospital!

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I can't even remember..... I'm taking socks w/ me to the hospital, but I'm not sure I will remember if I wear them or not. I think I had slippers the other times & took them off when labor got serious.