Funny thing my kid said

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Funny thing my kid said

I sat down last night and I must have sat funny, but I ripped a hole in my sweatpants, well I ripped an already existing hole into a huge hole. My daughter looks at me with a huge amount of concern and rubs my belly then tells me "it's ok mom, you're huge you are going to break all of your clothes" Smile I laughed so hard.. I'm glad she assured me its ok.

Anyone else getting funny comments?

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lol thats cute! Kids say the funniest things!!

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I think I would have cried from laughing so hard. The other day I burped in front of my niece, she will be 3 on the 12th, and she said "ewww you farted from your mouth!" That was priceless.

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My button up shirts no longer button up all the way. DS1 being helpful tried to finish buttoning up my shirt, declared he couldn't, then told me that lukus needs to get out of the way.