Gender Ultrasound- Check! (now with picture)

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Gender Ultrasound- Check! (now with picture)

So we went to our genter u/s yesterday and it took forever but the baby finally cooperated Smile The u/s tech sealed the results in an envelope and had them sent to the bakery!!! We must be crazy to torcher ourselves this way!!! SOOOOO We find out tomorrow night boy or girl!!!! I cant wait!!! I think its a boy!!!


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Awww yayyyyy! You will have to post pictures once you cut the cake Smile

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I love it - I can't believe you have the patience for that. I want to see the cake and the expressions when you guys see what is inside.

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So very cool! KUP about the big reveal!

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awww that is suck a cute idea.. I wish we did that.. I can not wait to see the cake too Smile

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How fun! I think we are going to do the same thing. At least, we thought about it. But I don't know if I have the patience! Haha.

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How exciting!!! Can't wait for pics!

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Yay! I cant wait to see what it is. You have more patience than me, I would be trying to peak lol

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wow, that's an adorable idea!!!

Can't wait to find out & hear about your reactions.

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What a cute idea! You have so much patience!

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That's awesome! How exciting to find out with everyone else. That's a great way to enjoy your surprise!

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Wow, you are MUCH more patient than me, lol! Can't wait to see the results! Biggrin

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I so wouldn't be able to do that! I would be going NUTZ!!!! lol. If we are having another boy I'm just going to tell people because I know I wont be getting a very good reaction, as my parents have 7 grandsons and DH's parents have 4. If it's a girl I want to think of something creative to do though. But I think that's awesome you are waiting to be surprised with everyone else! Can't wait to hear!

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What a great idea!! I want to hear about the cake and how the bakery made it up. Please post a pic!

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awwww what a CUTE picture!! I can not wait until you find out Smile

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That is such a great idea! So awesome that you have the patience! Smile Can't wait to hear the news!!

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baking friend is begging me to do that. Um. No. I am too impatient.

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Congrats on a good u/s- can't wait for pictures of the cake!!

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velasquez09: I just had to post to this thread when I saw your siggy! My Mason is just a month older than your Mason plus your Mason and I share a birthday!

Anyway - congrats on your new little one coming along and I hope the rest of your pg is easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!