Getting so excited!!!

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Getting so excited!!!

In just a little over one more week I will be cleared for my home birth!!!! I am so ready for that milestone that it's not even funny. It seems that this little boy has decided to drop as well. My belly seems to be sitting lower and my hips and pubic bone feel like they are being split apart and my lower abdomen muscles and upper leg muscles are pretty sore. I also noticed, this may be TMI, that my boobs have had that tingly ache like they are getting ready to make the baby's milk. Smile

DH is going through nesting today while I sit all lazy watching him work. I decided I've done my nesting for the weekend already though. Wink

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Posts: 538 happy for u! It is exciting getting so close to being a mom of 3 boys! I'm right there with u! Except you're closer! Smile

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Very exciting Smile sound like you really getting ready. I have 2 weeks & 4 days until I see my lil man. Can't wait Wink time sure has past by .. Thank goodness

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I am so happy for you! I cant wait to hear your birth story too!