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giddy excited...

so i am crazy and I LOVE giving birth. pregnancy..not so much. labor is tolerable b/c i know the outcome but i LOVE going through the birth process LOL. So now that i'm excpecting again I am really excited that the new hosp. i am going to offer water birth b/c i think i might be interested in learning more about it and doing it.

so, the whole reason i started this...does anyone else have labor plans already, want things same as before, drastically different etc? and for ftm's i really really suggest you soak up all the knowledge out there about birth choices etc. and go in with a plan that's best for you and your family Smile (there's my psa for the day ha!)

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I'll be having c/s #4 and I had a great experience last time so I really want it to repeat. I, too, agree birth plans are a great idea. I know I had one. Even though i felt somewhat silly because I was having a c/s I was able to make sure all my wants/needs were met.

From no eye drops or hep shots to no paci's or bottles. It was great!

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no plans yet. it's funny b/c i am a total Type A personality, but when it comes to some things i just don't need the t's crossed & i's dotted.

birth must be one of those things. I really wanted drug-free the 1st time, but ended up getting induced which just whacks-out labor. It was way to intense & unpredictable for me to stick to that plan. I had all these plans w/ the 1st & realized it just didn't go my way. Maybe that's why i seem to have given up a bit.

i do have a few rules, like no bottle, but even that got broken w/ my 2nd when i wouldn't stop bleeding after birth & so they wouldn't let me have or feed my girl. part of the placenta was still in me & they finally took me in for a d&c on day 2.

plans-shlans, maybe my last 2 experiences are why i want to just roll w/ it.

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After 2 hospital births, one induced with everything but a c-section, one natural spent 2 hours there before holding my little one, I plan to do a home birth with a midwife this time. Both my births were at the same hospital with the same OB but very different experiences and it was mostly thanks to more knowledge, better plans, and better nursing staff. Though my post-partum was another story all together, both times was not a good hospital experience. So I found a most wonderful midwife that I'm going with and have planned a home birth. I love everything about a baby, I love being pregnant, love labor, and mostly love giving birth. It's such an amazing experience and makes me love being a woman!

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I'm not so keen on pregnancy, although I am trying to enjoy it more this time around, but, like you, I loved giving birth.

I was induced, stayed in the bed the entire time, got an know...all the stuff the books tell you not to do Smile but it was an awesome experience and I loved it. It felt so "private" to me even though there were a bunch of nurses and the dr. there. Ahhhh I can only hope for everything to go as well as it did the first time. There were minor complications...nicholas' heart rate dropped a little with contractions so they were worried for a while (and me too of course) and his shoulder was stuck coming out but the dr. was able to get him out in a few seconds so no problems there. DH tells me he also had the cord wrapped around his neck but I don't remember seeing that...maybe it was when they had my legs in the air trying to get him out LOL.

I am contemplating trying for a natural birth IF I go into labor naturally and get to the hospital at like a 6-7cm (or more) dialated. For me, it took forever to get from 4-6 and then it went fast from there. I don't have my heart set on it though. I know this time I for SURE want the mirror again to see everything that is going on. Also, I may let MIL be in the room during the birth this time too as long as there is someone else to watch Nicholas. I still need to talk to DH about that one.

Oh and the whole breastfeed within the first hour, baby stay in the room with me the entire time, no bottles, etc. but those are all standard rules at my hospital which supports breastfeeding to the fullest.

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I just spent a long time reading my birth lodge from DS's birth. I do have some things that I will convey to the nurses before I have this baby but I don't know if I will have a firm plan. I want to be the first (or second, after dh) to hold the baby and I want the nurses to be firm about giving us at least an hour alone with him/her. Hopefully my family will just go get a meal or something when I am delivery and give us that alone time after birth.

Since I am up in the air about a VBAC vs csection (see my other thread) I don't know yet if I will have a NCB or repeat section. After reading my lodge I laughed and thought maybe I should schedule the surgery because I really didn't seem interested in ever doing birth again. My csection was a breeze and recovery was great - so I feel like I know what to expect with that.

Oh and the whole breastfeed within the first hour, baby stay in the room with me the entire time, no bottles, etc. but those are all standard rules at my hospital which supports breastfeeding to the fullest.

This is standard at my hospital too so that's why I didn't mention it. They are very pro-BFing and all about rooming in. They offer the nursery if you want it but normally the baby never leaves your side.

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With DD I loved the whole L&D experience...except the cervidil (sp?). That was pretty rough. I had a fantastic pregnancy and L&D went really well. I do remember while I was in labor thinking at one point "I'm never doing this again!" LOL! Of course right after she was born, I was thinking "That was a piece of cake!"

I used a MW with DD and had some cervical lasserations, and after she stitched me up she had to call a surgeon over from another building to find the internal tearing. My MW was pretty shooken up. I think with this delivery I will use my OB, just incase there's anymore tearing. I think it will put my mind at ease.

As for the time immediately after delivery, our hospital is huge on BFing, so with DD I nursed right after she was born and will try to with this LO as well. DD was jaundice and had to spend alot of time in the billybed so she missed being swaddled and most of the people who came to visit didn't get to hold her. We felt awful about that. I so hope none of us have to go through that again!

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"JuneorJulyBaby?" wrote:

I am contemplating trying for a natural birth IF I go into labor naturally and get to the hospital at like a 6-7cm (or more) dialated. For me, it took forever to get from 4-6 and then it went fast from there. I don't have my heart set on it though.

Oh and the whole breastfeed within the first hour, baby stay in the room with me the entire time, no bottles, etc. but those are all standard rules at my hospital which supports breastfeeding to the fullest.

I am w/ Angela on all this. I REALLY would like to experience a natural, drug-free birth, but if I don't i will not be too hard on myself.

I can't do the mirror tho. BF is already scared of being in the room, if I put a mirror where he will see everything he may runaway & never come back. lol.

I don't really mind people being in the room, more the merrier i suppose. It's not like I'm going to remember anyways....I'm gonna be pushin y'all!

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I actually had a really good experience with my hospital/nurses/doctors, so I don't think that there is much that I will tweak for this time. The one thing that I think I may do is try to avoid getting an epidural. I love the idea of an epidural (sorry NCB'ers) but mine slowed down my labor, which caused them to turn up the pitocin, and then when the contractions got good and intense, I just lost the epidural. A lot of condensending jerk medical people (not my doctor - he was there and he knows - but a couple of nurses that I have since talked to about it) don't believe me that it was gone - everyone tries to tell me that they make sure that you can still feel a little pressure so you know when to push. Um, yeah. This wasn't "a little pressure", it was like agony. And I could most def feel everything that was going on and move my legs and all of that. So....I'm trying to work up the nerve to skip the epidural this time, because I don't want to go through pitocin - epidural again. Other than that, everything was great. LOL

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For those that are thinking about doing a natural birth, or any birth period in my opinion, look up some good birth books. Not all of them are hard core natural birth books but they have amazing information in them. I also suggest, even if you are just thinking about having a natural birth, to study a natural birth book that has relaxation techniques, that even with a medicated birth, will make things 100 times easier.

That being said, I LOVED LOVED my drug free birth! For me it was the best experience ever, intense, I wont lie, but it was AMAZING!!!! Though at times through the labor it would be nice to have the epi just to get a bit of a break but there is no other experience like a natural drug free birth.

Also can I just say i'm jealous at how many of BFing friendly hospitals you guys have! The one I gave birth in didn't even give me a chance to nurse my first and he never would latch on to me because it was to much work to get milk from mom. My second I fought tooth and nail to get them to leave my baby alone and let him nurse. They actually told me one time, though he was nursing just fine, they were going to give him a bottle because he wasn't nursing. I told them to check his blood sugar level and then come talk to me more about it. They checked it and it was fine, he nursed for 14 months and self weaned. Stupid f'ing nurses.

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I also love pregnancy and birth and all that comes along with it.. the ups and the downs the 'real life' pictures (things don't always go how we think they should etc).

My last baby I was actually able to get into the birthing tub (my previous natural labor was too quick we didn't even get the pool filled before she arrived) and I have to tell you it cut the pain out by 40%!! It was AWESOME! Now I didn't deliver in the water because pushing is much like having a BM, and I just couldn't allow myself to 'poop' (baby) in the pool. So I got out to push her out. Thankfully my babies come very fast. My last 2nd (pushing stage) was only 3 min long. I delivered on my hands and knees. Actually both my natural births I delivered H&K. I guess it's a good thing too, because my babies come SOOO fast that being on my H&K takes pressure of my perineum and therefore cuts down the risk of tearing. Thankfully I didn't tear with either of my natural (or epidural) births. But my epi births were 'slower' and more 'controlled' so I figured thats why I didn't tear in the lithotomy position.

Was that like way TMI? LOL

I'm excited and nervous about this pregnancy. My last one we had a complication (that somehow by the grace of God) that healed itself! I had a placental abruption around 22 weeks that caused me to have extremely low fluid. During my pregnancy we didn't know what the problem was, but around 33 weeks my fluid started increasing and things went as planned. When baby was born my midwife could see where my placenta had torn/separated and folded over and healed itself. My little miracle!

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I definitely want a whole different birth experience this time. Last time I was scared and upset and it was way too early and I let the doctors lead the way. I feel like I am a lot more knowledgeable about stuff now so I want to dictate how things go.

I've been contemplating a VBAC because I want to experience labor and delivery... but then I also think a c-section would be good just for the convenience of it. I didn't have an easy recovery. I just don't know... I don't even know if my doctor is VBAC friendly.

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my first i planned to go 'as natural as possible' then got pre-e and was induced. for personal reasons i chose to go w/o and epi but good gracious did it seem to take forever to get from 4-10 (even though it was only like 5hrs). i did have a shot of nubain (sp?) and regretting that b/c it made me sooo, so very tired/drunk feeling. I don't remember holding ds1 for the first time which is pretty emotional for me (even now nearly 4 yrs later).

ds2 i was pretty determined to labor at home and go completely drug free. I was 40+3, 3cm and 90% and decided to take castor oil b/c my sister who was going to be taking care of ds1 is really hard to get a hold of on the weekends at her work so she came over on a thurs. and i chugged the castor oil. I had my first ctx at 6:30 and baby was here by 9:07. it was AWE.SOME! I felt amazing after having him and I am glad i labored at home (went through transition at home) b/c it might have been pretty tempted to get some drugs :).

With #3 I do think we'll head to the hosp. earlier and i don't think i'll consider castor oil until 42 weeks if it comes to that again. Looking back I am sure I would have gone on my own within a few days with ds2 but oh well. I don't want to scare the boys and since they are older i think they would get upset if I am vocal during painful ctx. we are going to a new hosp. which is quite a bit closer so i guess if i go in too early it's less inconvenient to get sent home. i plan to have baby room in and immediately bf. ds2 basically came out rooting and be bfed while i was being stitched up and such. i hope that #3 bf's as easily as #2 did! my previous hosp. was super pro bfing so i am really hoping this one is too.

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I always make up a birthing plan to give to the nurses at the hospital, with things such as no episiotomy unless absolutely necessary, definite epidural when I ask for it, having the baby put right on my chest as soon as he's out... things like that. As far as what type of birth, I've had all three of my babies in the same hospital and this one will be born there, too. For me, I'm just more comfortable knowing that if someing (knock on wood) does go wrong, immediate care is available.

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I like to just go with the flow Smile My ob and I are very close and she knows what I think about things and how I truely feel. Hubby and I are the only 2 in the room and it's a private thing between us. We just want to enjoy it. Our hospital is all about breastfeeding and will support you. I have no worries just need to get through the next 7 months!!!

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I loved the birth process too! I actually thought my last experience was so wonderful that I'd love if it went exactly the same way. Experience labor until transition, and then experience peace, love, and excitement as we waited for the time to push. The only thing I would change is if I could feel just a bit more when it was time to push. So...I'm hoping I can have them cut off the epidural when I get close enough to 10cm. I don't know how that works though....will have to do some research on the topic.

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Well im not prego but i love stalking you ladies... and even tho i am not prego at this time i have all ready figured out how my next labor will go lol..... i will fill you in on my last 2 Smile

With DS1 i was induced 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!! He just wasn't ready to come out but my OB was scared to death because of my age and the ultrasound showed him at like 9lbs and she was scared he wouldn't fit coming out.... Well i was 17 when i had him and he was 10 days late... i was in labor for 12.5 hours and 2.5 hours of that was spent pushing he was stuck for almost 2 hours... like she said he was almost to big for my body to handle..... his head alone was 36cm around :eek: and would have been bigger if he hadn't be stuck for so long as his head turned into a cone after being stuck... he had 2 skull fractures and his cord wrapped around his neck 2 times... she had to kinda push him back up a little bit to get it to unwrap and then as soon as i pushed again it wrapped right back up so to keep my from strangling him my DH at the time cut the cord before he was all the way out... but other than that i had a great labor... now i was scared to death because i was only 17 but i had my mom sister DH at the time MIL my fave Aunt and my best-friend all in there with me and i loved every bit of their support and wouldn't change it...

With DS2 i went into labor on my own 10 days early and because it was my first time ever going into labor i went to the hospital when my water broke... and the kept me... I was 19...I was in labor with him for 6 hours... i slept through ALL of it... the only person in there with me was my mom because DH and i were getting a divorce and i didn't want him near me or DS2....pretty much the only thing i can remember is my nurse standing at my head waking me up every time i needed to push because i was sleeping through it... he had no problems on his way out and i only pushed 3 or 4 times....

I had pain meds with both and i will have pain meds with the next one... i am a huge baby when it comes to stuff like that... And here is where i feel like such a bad mom compared to you ladies... my first i never BF and he stayed in the nursery and my 2nd i tried to BF but couldn't produce enough milk and he was jaundice so it was a little hard for me to do and he also stayed in the nursery but i was up every few hours to check on both of them... and the spent the daytime with me... i was on my own and wanted to catch up on sleep since i didn't really have any one to help me nightly... and with the next one i am going to TRY and BF again but they think it has something to do with family history that i don't produce much milk because my mom didn't produce much milk and my grandmother on my dads side didn't either so we will see how it goes this time... and yes the next one will also spend the nights in the nursery so i can catch up on my sleep... dont get me wrong DH now is a great man and good support but he has to get up at 4 am to go to work so no way will he want to help at night lol... but thats just me Smile

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cayxcee- I have/had supply issues too, my mom never BF past 3 months with any of her 4 kids due to not enough supply. BUT I successfully exclusively BF my second DS. I took fenugreek religiously for the first 6 months and then my body just took over from there. There are so many things you can do to increase your supply if you really want to BF, natural drugs and also prescription, also I found nursing as soon as baby was out REALLY helped with me. Just wanted to let you know. Smile