Good appointment today!!!

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Good appointment today!!!

Can I just say I LOVE my midwife, even though she was a little late it was a great appointment. She has an assistant midwife that is in the "twilight zone" with midwifes, not a student anymore but not quite a midwife, and turns out she was at my friends birth that lives just down the street from us. Everything is good. I've gained a total of 2 1/2 pounds, so I've lost a little weight from earlier in the pregnancy, probably from not being able to eat much with my morning sickness. My blood pressure was 111/87 heart rate was 105 and my temp was 99 but the clinic was really hot, their air conditioner wasn't working. So we think that's why I was a little hot. The baby would not hold still for the assistant midwife we kept hearing it move out of the way and slide across the doppler, all my kids seem to do this. My midwife finally took over and I told her I thought it was on the right side and so she felt around and sure enough it was more on the right side that she felt it. She finally found the heart beat down in my pelvis right in the middle. Babes heart rate was in the 160's and sounded very good. Smile So sweet hearing that sound. Oh and I might have a friend loan me her doppler so I can hear baby when ever I want! Smile

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Congrats on the great appt!!

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Yahoo for a great appt!

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Great news Krista! CONGRATULATIONS Smile

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Sounds like a great appt! Congrats.

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YAY for the good appt. And thats awesome you found a doppler to borrow.

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Congrats on your awesome appt!

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awesome appointment! They are so active already, aren't they?!

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Congratulations on a great appointment! I am so jealous of all of you getting access to dopplers. I'm pretty sure if I had one though, that I wouldn't get anything done around this house! LOL!

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Great news on your appointment! And lucky you getting a doppler to use for free!!!!

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I'm hoping my friend will let me borrow it. She did offer but we'll see if she actually remembers to give it to me. lol. She's a pretty forgetful lady. I would love to make it a nightly tradition of me and DH listening to babes heart beat just before bed. Smile

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Awww congrats!! I may buy one soon but I am afraid I will start freaking out if I cant find it Smile
Again contgrats Smile yay happy beats

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That's great that your midwife is so nice, and that your app't went well. I hope you get the doppler, too! We have a ritual of listening immediately upon (me) waking up, to make sure it survived the night...

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Congrats Krista ! Biggrin