Good NT Scan!

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Good NT Scan!

Baby is measuring 13wks1d, so 4 days ahead (though I know I O'd earlier than my 6-ish wk scan said--baby was just measuring behind by 2 days then. I might just put my ticker back to my original O date, which puts me at 13wks tomorrow. Let's rush this trimester along a bit!)

HB: 165. Crown to rump: 7 cm. Fluid: 1.48 cm (yay!)

Was sleeping again, though, the little bugger, and nothing would wake it. So no flips for me. I was rather disappointed.

No clot visible, so they're not worrying. I'm so tired right now that I don't care.

I'm going to create a January Space now! :woohoo:

Oh, no pics, though--we had to order them and there's a postal strike on right now, so who knows when they'll arrive. Boo!

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Yay, yay, yay!!!!!!

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YAY!!! Sounds like a great u/s!!!!

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That's awesome! Too bad the baby wouldn't perform for you...but sounds like a great appt!

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yay for a good u/s!

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