Got my second set of betas back

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Got my second set of betas back

219, which the nurse said is right what she would expect/want to see. So it looks like all systems are a go!


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Whoo hoo - so happy for you Alissa!!!

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Woot!!!!! Sweet relief, huh!?

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Glad to hear everything is growing great in there Alissa!!!

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great news!

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YahooSo happy everything is going well.

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Great news, Alissa!! Happy for you!!:yahoo:

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so happy to read this!!!!

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Thanks ladies!!! I am very happy and relieved.

Kate! Good to see you! How are you feeling?

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Yay! So happy for you! I go in tomorrow for my first draw. The wait is so nerve wracking!

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Woot! Congratulations Smile Glad those numbers are climbing Yahoo