graduated from fertility clinic + 9 wk u/s pic

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graduated from fertility clinic + 9 wk u/s pic

Sorry I've been missing from the board. Busy working lots of shifts but unfortunately it has all caught up with me and I'm fighting a cold right now. One good thing about having a cold is that I'm not as sensitive to smells which would set off my nausea the last two weeks, but a bad thing is now my appetite is almost non existent because I can't taste Sad

On a good note, we had our 9 week u/s & last appt w/ our RE today. Everything checked out fine so they are setting us free. We got to download a short video clip of the baby moving around which was little hand/arm was really moving. HR was 163.

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Aww what a great ultrasound pic! Congrats on your graduation Smile :) Smile :)

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Look at that gorgeous baby!! Congrats on 'graduating'!!!!!

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Congrats on graduating from your RE. What a great milestone to meet. What a great pic of your little cutie!

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Aww what a great looking bean!!! Congrats again!!!

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What an awesome pic!! Congrats!

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Gorgeous pic! So glad to hear that things are going well for you! Smile

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Congratulations! And what a great u/s picture!

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that's wonderful!!! congratulations!!!

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Such a cute pic! Congrats on graduating, that's so exciting!

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Great picture of your LO. Congratulations on graduating. I remember crying the day my RE said that it was our last appt together. I loved him! I hope you have an OB you love.