Great apt today :D

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Great apt today :D

I had my copo done today and i am officially bad cell free!!! YAY!! The dr put the vinegar on my cervix and nothing came up white and then she put the iodine on there and it all came up brown like it should have. I am so excited about that. She was scaring me in case they did have to biopsy talking about if I have bleeding etc I need to go to the ER because it could disrupt the pregnancy, phew! Im glad I didnt have to deal with that. Another plus is i didnt gain any weight this time Biggrin She also hasnt mentioned my diet or anything else to me this time and was actually pretty great this time. Maybe I was just cranky at our last meeting. Downside is i have to go Monday morning and get an early glucose test. She wasnt worried about it until I told her about my headaches and the way I feel whenever I dont eat right away so I guess better safe than sorry, only thing that sucks about that is we are planning a trip to Ohio on Monday and it will be cutting into our drive time.

Little miss sounded great, and I have another ultrasound scheduled for the 31st to check out her heart since she was being stubborn and not moving Smile

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that she looked at the absess and its healing great, she said I need to quit shaving because thats a big thing that causes them. Also, I have to start the gardasil shots as soon as I have her because it will stop any worse forms of the HPV from developing and will keep the strand that i have at bay.

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Congratulations on such a great appt Lisa!!

Now you can sit back & enjoy your w/end Smile YAY!!

And congratulations on no weight gain ~~ wish I could say the same. *blushing* lol

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Yay for a great appt!

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Yay for such a great appt!

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Yay for a good appt!

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Glad everything went well!!!! Good luck at your glucose test..yuck!

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Glad you had a great appt!

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Glad to hear your appointment went so well! Biggrin