Gross PG Symptom (TMI)

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Gross PG Symptom (TMI)

So, I know this is probably a bit tmi, but I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem. I finally realized why I had been cramping so much last week - it was not my uterus but my BOWELS! I had been having really loose stools during those mornings, and one incident so bad that I thought I was going to throw up at the same time! It always happens in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. I have to continuously run to the bathroom for about a half hour for each, um, session. Eventually I empty out and it is over until the next day.

I did NOT have this problem with either of the other pregnancies and I know each one is different but it is so strange. I noticed if I keep a mild diet it does not happen but that is hard when you are pg and are craving things that are notoriously bad for your belly (greasy fast food, beans, fruit, etc).

It took awhile to realize that the cramping is my bowels and not the baby b/c it is in the same area. But I am relieved that it has nothing to do with my uterus! Does anyone else have this unpleasent symptom or am I all alone in this nasty-ness?? :eek:

Am I alone here?

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I had the sane thing fir the first few weeks. Probably til 7 weeks. Now I'm the opposite!

I found that I was eating an ok diet in the beginning but have bow pretty much cut all carbs/starches except for occasionally and don't desire meats.

Try upping fiber, even if just a supplement. Also, are you eating a lot of dairy? I cut way back because I notice that, too, ws affecting me.

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I'm having all sorts of unpleasant issues in that department. With Nathan I was more regular than I've ever been in my life, so I wasn't expecting this. Going to try some oatmeal this morning to see if that helps.

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I get lots of cramps due to my bowels except I'm the opposite, mine hits at night instead of in the morning. I feel for you, the cramps with it are brutal sometimes!

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Same exact thing here actually! Last night was the worse, I actually threw up while on the toilet. Yuck! :x

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You described EXACTLY what was happening to me at 8 weeks! I was having horrible cramps, thought something was wrong with the baby until I noticed after each crampiness I was having to go to the bathroom. It passed after a few days so I think I had a stomach virus. You are not alone in your misery. :bigarmhug:

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Yes, I was having the same issue too...still am having it a little bit, but it's not as bad now. I kept having cramps that felt like period cramps, and like you I thought it meant something was wrong...but it was pretty much just what you described. I found it to be really bad from weeks 4 to 6, but it seems to have levelled off.

I made a huge batch of chili a couple of weeks ago and we've been eating the leftovers on and off over the past 2 weeks...probably didn't help the plumbing situation!!!

You are definitely not alone!!!

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Yes... to one extreme or the other!

My bathroom life is stop - go - stop - go LOL And the cramps are horrendous! I ate homemade chili which I prepare 1x a week, and this last week it caused all sorts of troubles in my bowels. I even soaked the beans extra long to try to help that, but to no avail. You are so not alone!

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I haven't had many loose bowels, but I definitely think that I have had gas pains. It even woke me up in the middle of the night last night, and scared me because it did feel like bad cramps. But then I, um, let off some pressure, and it felt much better.

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This same thing happened to me this weekend. Saturday at IL's house I kept saying that I felt like my uterus was rock hard. No matter how I sat or what position it was in I was in pain. Then the next morning I had to go to the bathroom - bad! I guess it wasn't the uterus after all.

So weird - but just so glad to be going!