Guess it is real...

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Guess it is real...

For your viewing pleasure....

Line if definitely pink in person. Have no idea how many dpo as I had a d&c April 2nd and then faint positives last week.... had a run of 3 betas starting thursday ending today...

I guess it really is real :eek:

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I see it!! Im so happy for you! I hope this is a sticky one! Congrats again!

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I see it!!! Congrats, I am very happy for you and glad you will be joining Jan.

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That's a line, for sure! I hope the numbers come back perfectly!

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Totally see it Smile yaaaaaaaaay! Congrats.

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Yay! Congratulations and welcome! Smile

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YAY!!! Congrats!!!

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def see a line there! congrats!

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Congratulations!! Welcome!

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CONGRATS!!!!! Definitely a line! HH9M!!! Biggrin