Guess WHAT?? I get toooooooooooo...

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Guess WHAT?? I get toooooooooooo...

FIND OUT Smile For those that saw my other message thread I was really wanting to have a surprise baby but after a lot of thinking and reading.. I decided I really wanted to find out the gender so last night I just told my Bobby Boo (DH) straight up I really wanna find out.. at first he was like .. no I really am ok with either.. then he asked me a “OUT of the blue question” about how to clean a lil girls down under.. (u know forward to backward etc) :eek: I couldn’t help but smile.. tried hard not to laugh.. I think he is just scared on how to handle a GIRL.. too cute.. end result is we hopefully will find out on Monday.. I heard I am far along enough so we will see Smile Sorry if TMI about what my DH asked but I thought it was cute Biggrin

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Yay for finding out!!

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Awesome! I'm glad you guys agreed on what you wanted to do...and DH has asked the SAME question, lol!

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Glad you get to find out!! Biggrin

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yay!! Monday isn't too far away Smile

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Yeah for finding out!! I can't believe that they can see that so early! That is amazing!! I would love to find out early too!!!

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Yay!! So glad! Hope baby cooperates!

On the DH question...I'm a girl and changing a baby girl diaper scares the HECK out of me!

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Yay!!! SO excited for you! Gosh everyone is finding out already! I don't think there have been any so far that have actually been 20 weeks yet before finding out. I'm totally going to be the last one to find out what I'm having... well out of the ones that will be finding out at the u/s that is. Wink

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That will be exciting to find out!!
I have to wait till Aug 23rd when I will be 22 weeks to find out- seems way to far away!

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Yay for finding out! Can't wait to hear all about it Smile