Had my 1st appt.

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Had my 1st appt.

Finally had my first appointment today. Everything went well, I got to take a peek at the baby since I felt that I was a week further along than the LMP was telling me so they did a quick dating ultrasound right in the office. Baby was measuring 9 weeks 3 days so my due date was pushed forward to 1/22/12. I also found out that I am going to get a 1st trimester screening ultrasound because it is standard practice for this Doctors office. So I get to see the baby again in July. Smile

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Yay for a great appt!!! Smile Is the next u/s the nt scan?

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It looks like it includes that, but they look at a bunch of stuff. This website sounds exactly like what the doctor described. http://www.americanpregnancy.org/prenataltesting/firstscreen.html

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Yay! Great appt!!

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That's great that your due date moved up a bit. I did the 12 week scan today too and it was really great to see the LO again. Its amazing how much they change in a few weeks.

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yay for a good apt!

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Yay sounds like a great appointment!

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