Had my 1st U/S and OB Appt today

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Had my 1st U/S and OB Appt today

Today I had my first ultrasound and ob appt. We have 1 healthy little baby with a great heart beat! It was great seeing the baby it makes everything real! They put my due date at Jan 17th which is the same week as the due date my lmp gave me so we will see, she said she wasn't concerned and we could use either one. Did all the fun testing and pap oh the fun!

As far as the due date goes, for those of you that don't know when ds#4 was born he had some medical issues and was in the nicu and he was not supposed to make it. But he did and is heathly as can be now after a long 18 months of him being really sick. She said this time she would like to see my labor be as controlled as possible. She did nothing wrong but if she controls labor herself we can avoid anything happening again so I will be getting induced by 38 weeks. Which I agree with. I want to take a healthy baby home and she said we can make it as natural as possible. She does not want be going into labor or my water breaking without her there.

So all in all a great appt and I go back July 18th unless something is wrong or I need to see her!

Here are pictures hubby is trying to get the scanner to work grrr men! The reason the picture is tiny is her vaginal ultrasound broke and she had to do a regular belly one. I hope to get in soon for another ultrasound for a better look, they will call when it's fixed.

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Congrats on a great appt!

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Yay!!! So glad it's a healthy bean!! Can't wait for pics. Smile

Can I ask what caused problems with DS? How will the 'control' help to alleviate it?

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Christina- I went into labor on my own about midnight. Waited for hubby to come home and take me to hospital arrive hospital 12:45 am 3cm. 1:45am 6cm, 2:00am epi placed 2:30am 8cm they call a dr and wait wait wait 2:54 cant stop pushing still waiting for dr, dr runs in and just makes it but was unable to suction right away and ds takes a nice deep breath and that is how it all started. So a more controlled labor would mean more drs and more nurses. She said there is only a small chance it will happen again but there is always a chance of that happening to any baby.

The thing with my son was he just got worse and worse before he was starting to get better. It was just horrible and I would hate for that to happen again but I am open to any suggestions. This time I am 45 to 55 minutes away from the hospital so that plays a huge roll.

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So did your son aspirate meconium or amniotic fluid... or?

My sister had a baby who had the roughest start because of aspirating meconium. He is pretty healthy now and just had his first b-day, but it looks like he may have asthma. They can't know for sure as there is no way to test babies, they just have to see how many 'episodes' he has and diagnos off of symtoms..

But you are right, we cannot predict and most of the time we can't prevent. My last 2 had no suction until after they were born and there was no problems, but that's not always the case.

I'm glad you and your Dr came up with a solution that works for both of you.

Sooo glad to hear your 18 month old is doing well and thriving Smile

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And glad to hear there is a healthy babe in your belly Smile

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So glad to hear all is well. Hopefully everything will go just right this time!!!

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Yay for a good healthy baby!

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Soooo tiny!!!! Yay!!!! TFS pics!!

I get it. Scary for sure. And being 45-55 minutes is huge since you went do quickly!

My first had meconium but we were very lucky nothing actually caused any problems. That boy was 2 weeks late, no fluid, meconium, heart rate to 55...and healthy as an ox. It's weird how something can affect everyone so differently.

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Thank you ladies! It was just regular fluid but the amount he got made him have cronic lung disease we had rsv 4 times in 5 months and just lots of stuff so I know we both just want to make sure it goes well and we bring home our little baby!

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Ashly I already commented on facebook but I am so so so so sooooooo excited for you! I'm glad everything looks good with baby and I am glad that your Dr. has a plan in place for this time around too. It never hurts to have more observation and considering what happened last time, I think it is warrented and will make you feel more at ease during labor.

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So happy you saw your LO! I am glad the dr is taking preventative measures to make sure you have a healthy L&D and baby. Great doctor!

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Yay, so happy that you had a great appt, a healthy bean, and a plan for avoiding future problems!

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sounds like a great appt. glad your doc is being proactive to help prevent similar issues this time. that must have been awful to go through, so glad he is healthy now!!!

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So awesome you saw your bean! Love the pics!!

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Congrats on a great appt. & U/S. I'm sorry you had so many health issues with your last baby. My first swallowed some meconium at birth and was kept in the hospital for a week and a half because he developped an infection on his lungs. It was devastating going home without our baby, but thankfully he was just fine after that. I'm glad your son is healthy now. :bigarmhug:

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Congrats on a great appt!