Had scan today... (XP)

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Had scan today... (XP)

We had a great ultrasound, everything looked good, we do have to have another in three weeks because of some measurements she wasn't able to get, and also the stomach looked full of fluid but the doctor said it was probably fine and the tech just caught the baby in the process of swallowing because she took another look and the stomach looked normal. So, we found out it's a


We're so excited and I can't wait to meet him!! Blum 3

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Congratulations ! Team Blue is definitely going strong. Biggrin

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Congrats! Smile

Welcome to Team BLUE!! (there sure are alot of boys taking over the board)

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Congrats!!! What a cutie!

Welcome to TEAM BLUE!!!

Sorry you have to go back but it's another chance to see the LO. Smile

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Congratulations Tanya!! Woo-Hoo, boys are rockin'!!

Btw, I really like your new avatar pic...

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Congratulations on your BOY!

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Congrats on a Boy!! Wow the boys are going strong on this board Smile

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Congrats on the little boy!!!

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Congrats! Welcome to Team Blue.

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Woo hoo for team blue!

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Congrats on your baby BOY!!!!!

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Congrats on your little boy!!!!!! Smile 2 boys how exciting!!!