Happy to be Joining You (m/c mentioned)

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Happy to be Joining You (m/c mentioned)

Hi, my name is Monica and I've previously been on the July 2006 and Dec. 2008 bbs.

A little background: DH and I have been blessed w/ 4 beautiful earth children and 5 babes in Heaven. Last year was difficult for DH and I as we had 3 losses and then late in Dec., I had a horrible reaction to the antibiotic I was on. Feb. of this year saw us w/ another loss. I would lurk on the bbs while waiting to hopefully join in once we received good news only to meet w/ sorrow. This time I want to join in w/ you all and enjoy rather than worry. (easier said than done)

Well, I had some slight wondering if I could be preggers again, so Thurs. night when we were in town, I picked up a $tree test. Tested Fri. afternoon and surprisingly, the 2nd line quickly appeared and was dark for being cd25 of my 28 day cycle. I tested again late last night w/ another $tree test and the line was darker than the first test. I haven't had nice dark lines like this for a long time and I'm encouraged and surprised that they would come up dark like this before my missed AF & seeing as they were taken in the afternoon and late pm. Holding onto hope that we will hold this baby in our arms.

Only my DH knows and now you all. Smile Choosing to be excited and to enjoy each day we're blessed to carry this baby.

Congrats to you all on your BFPs and may you have a wonderful HH9M!! Hoping to be able to stick around and get to know you all Smile

And I know that you all like to look at BFP pics so I'll try to post the one I took last night later on today/tonight. Wink

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Congratulations Monica! Hoping for a sticky bean for you.

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Congrats!!! plenty of sticky vibes for you and a HH9M!

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Congrats!!! I love your attitude! I too am trying to enjoy rather than worry or hurry. And this is baby #5 for us too!

{{{{sending super sticky vibes}}}}

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Congrats! I hope this is a very HH9M for you!!!

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Congrats!!!! HH9M!!!!

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Congratulations. I love your attitude and completely agree with it. A very HH9M to you.

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Congrats Monica! I remember you from the Dec 2008 board. I was on there for a while, my son was due on Dec 25th. I dropped off when he decided to come 3 months early on 9/28! Anyway, excited to see you on this board and hope we both have a full 9 months! Smile

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Congrats and welcome ! I'm so sorry for your losses. :bigarmhug:

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Thank you sooo much, sweet ladies!! :bigarmhug: Sorry, I haven't been back to add the pic. or be more involved. I'll just start another thread w/ appt. info. and add the pics in there. I'm going to go work on loading them right now. Wink

Christina, thanks, as you know, definitely not as easy as it looks!! Fantastic that you're expecting #5 too--love it!!

So cool that we get to share another BB, Janie, and yes, I hope it's ALL THE WAY!! Biggrin Your little boy has quite the sparkling personality--adorable!!

To all of you who have suffered previous losses, big hugs, hoping for peace to enjoy your pregnancies and to everyone on this board, hoping we ALL continue to share Jan. 2012 the WHOLE 9 months!! :pinkelephant: