Happy New Year! Resoluiton? (XP)

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Happy New Year! Resoluiton? (XP)

Happy New Year to you all! What is your resolution? What was your resolution last year?

Last year my resolution was to get pregnant. I guess that was successful

This year my resolution is to get to my pre-pregnancy weight before Nicholas. I have about 7 lbs to go so it shouldn't be too hard to get there, it's just a matter of maintaining after I stop bfing (hopefully not anytime this year!). My second resolution is to breastfeed/pump for at least 6 months with Emily. I think I can do it since she nurses like a champ!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year. I will be seeing the ball drop on TV probably during one of our nighttime feedings. I told DH to wake me up if I am asleep

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No resolutions for me this year. I did a 365 photo a day project this past year and I'm going to take some time to recover sans obligations beyond the normal.

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No resolutions last year except to finish school, which I did.

This year I have a few 1. Get close to the weight I was when I met hubby which means losing at least 50lbs. 2. I'm going to attempt to do a 365 photo project this year especially with baby girl on the way 3. Get crafty again and continue to learn to sew. 4. Most importantly is to love on my baby girl!

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hmm last year my new years resolution was to not pay any bank fees.... lol it worked great for me all year, not sure what this year will be.. ooh but on a cool not I quit smoking last year also, so that feels like a pretty huge milestone Smile