Has anyone outgrown their regular clothes yet?

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Has anyone outgrown their regular clothes yet?

I know this seems a bit early - but I have started to outgrow my work clothes. I recently lost all my baby weight and went down to a size I was very happy with. However, when getting dressed for work this morning those same clothes were too tight. I could have buttoned the pants but I would have been miserable all day. Its so early for this - especially when the baby is the size of a pea.

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Gotta love the bloat, huh?! I'm still comfy in my regular clothes but I hate anything tight so most of my clothes fit me a bit loose anyway. By the end of the day...whoa! I do love my yoga/workout pants, though, so I will be living in those for quite some time!!

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Yay for the bloat! Wink

No, I haven't outgrown my clothes yet, but I just found out today, so that would be REALLY fast. Like, using-the-pregnancy-as-an-excuse-to-gorge-myself-all-day-today fast. Lol

I have heard that you start showing a lot faster with second kids than with your first though.

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With my first I didn't really start to get tight in my clothes until 12+ weeks and wasn't in maternity clothes until 20 weeks. With #2 I was in full maternity clothes by 9 weeks. I know it had to be mostly bloat...Isn't pregnancy fun Smile Have you tried getting a belly band??

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My work clothes are the same way, ive been keeping them unbuttoned because if I had a buttone on them (it popped off lol) i would be squeezing the life out of myself lol

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Glad I'm not the only one, LOL. I joke that I have a "titties-do" (as in "my belly sticks out further than my titties do"), and I'm not even 6 weeks yet! I'm fat, I know, but still - I was NOT this big last week.

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I am definitely bigger right now than I was at this point with my other pregnancies. With DS, I was in maternity clothes at 20 weeks (and that only b/c I flat out refused to wear them...I should have been in them a few weeks before!), with DD, at 12 weeks. This time around, I'm thinking I'll be lucky to make it to 9 weeks!

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With Nicholas I was in maternity pants by 12 weeks and I think it will be earlier this time. I am on my last hole in my belt buckle but my pants still are pretty loose without it. I hate the belt though..it makes me have a muffin top and I'm afraid I am squishing baby. I guess it is about time to break out the bella band.

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I was just thinking about this today and wondering if I'll be pulling out the maternity sooner this time.

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We were going to wait to tell the family but I had to tell my sister so she could send 'our' maternity clothes back. I didn't start wearing them the first time around until almost halfway through, but I already feel like the bloat alone is pushing me out of my normal clothes. Hooray for working from home and PJ pants!

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You guys made me feel so much better. I'm up a few pounds too but haven't been eating any more or any worse than usual. A least it seem to be normal!