Hate to complain but I will, sorry!

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Hate to complain but I will, sorry!

Today sucks!

I am just not feeling good. I have been having contractions all day on and off they last but will go away and come on back. I'm tired and my body hurts and it's yucky! I know my body is now getting ready for her but I wasn't ready for it. I think this pregnancy has gone great besides the surgery.

Having the surgery has made my stomach hurt more with the contractions but thats ok. I have been laying in bed and on the couch trying to relax. I talked to my ob on her lunch. She wants to make it till my appt tuesday unless they get closer together and I am DYING. But she said she wants at least 2 more weeks of baking.

Thanks for letting me whine to you :/ going back to lay down!

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I'm sorry you aren't feeling good Ashly Sad :bigarmhug:

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Sorry girl, hopefully you will enjoy the w/end a lot better.

Feel free to complain as much as you want. I think we are all getting to that uncomfortable stage so I'm w/ you. =/

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What do you mean she wants you to make it to Tuesday? Are you think about inducing early? I mean, if she comes, no stopping it but not inducing now, right?

Anyway, you're so not alone! I know that doesn't make it better but thought I'd share.

Since yesterday, I have been having searing pain near my incision area and that general area and it's accompanied by contractions half the time. But seriously, it is so painful I have to stop what I'm doing and if I'm mid sentence I have to stop talking. IDK what it is. DH was seriously worried but I'm pretty sure it's just those late term pains that make you look forward to birth.

And add to it the fact that I'm catering desserts for 2 large parties tomorrow, plus my sons are having a get together Saturday night and my in laws come in tomorrow morning. No rest for me. But I've never had a baby come early so I guess I'm not worried about that. But it sucks to hurt and not be able to stop it or get relief.

Hmmm, could you take some Tylenol? Or a warm bath/shower? Or even a hearing pad?

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Thank you ladies, I hate to complain I want to enjoy the end just in case it's my last!

Christina, sorry you are having pain too. I have heard that women that have a c-section do feed pain around the site because your uterus is growing, which is the same for me. Its a different kind of pain so it took me off guard.

My dr means I am not to have a baby and I will see her Tuesday Smile If I do go into labor it will be stopped. 36 weeks or more they will not stop it. I have been taking a hot shower to help and it does. She wrote for some Ty 3 and I just took one so I hope it feels better soon.

I want her to come home with me so I need to last to 36 weeks. Just going to try and relax as much as I can.

Christina take rests as often as you can with all your parties coming up!

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Hope you are feeling better!

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Hope things are getting more tolerable for you. Have you been drinking lots of fluids? Are you doing a lot of physical activity which might be triggering the contractions?

I've been having some crazy BH contractions at night - cramping and squeezing - and they seem to coincide when I do a lot of physical activity during the day like moving something heavy or putting together a piece of baby furniture (which seems like we are assembling something every couple of days now). It makes me feel really sore even after everything eases up so I'm really trying to limit the above activity but easier said than done. Fortunately my contractions are not rhythmic enough to be considered pre-term labor but they don't let me sleep well at night and then I'm really sore the rest of the day...seems like an endless cycle at times Sad

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Sorry your so uncomfortable! Hope your feeling better today, almost at the finish line!

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Friday and Saturday were awful! I thought for sure something was going on. But today I wake and feel GREAT! It's crazy! But I do want her to stay in at least 2 weeks. My last 2 were born at 37 weeks so I am sure my body is getting ready.

I do have 4 kids to chase around and always a mess to clean. I have been drinking a lot more and trying to relax more but there is only so much I can do.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts Smile

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Glad you are feeling better Ashly!