Heart beat and eating..

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Heart beat and eating..

I've noticed that after I eat my heart races/pounds a bit, I did notice this too with my last pregnancy and wondered if anyone else has felt that after eating?

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Can't say I have, sorry. Did you mention it to your doc last pregnancy?

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No I didn't mention it last time but I'm definitely going to at my next appt it doesn't happen every time but I notice it more in the morning, it's strange.

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I get that too Tanya. I just assumed that being pg makes everything harder to do. You have more than 50% more blood than normal when pg so your heart is working much harder these days. Its like you are constantly working out.

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I get that too. I actually called mine palpitations cause it's like I have a strong beat and then normal ones. They feel real weird. I did talk to my doc this past week and was told it was normal in pregnancy. They just told me to watch it and if it really increased like I was having them several times a day they might want to do further testing but for right now they aren't concerned about it.

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I am glad to see this post.. I get that as well but sometimes mine is even when I am laying completely still it is just A racing.. As someone else mentioned I would just really be aware and if it races too fast call your doctor Smile