Heat and cramps?

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Heat and cramps?

Im not sure if this goes hand in hand but does anyone else cramp more the hotter they get? Our air has been out the past week and it seems I have been crampier these days. I dont know if it is because of things growing or if the heat plays a roll to it. It has been extremely hot here lately. 101 without the heat index. We have 2 window units but those cool it off slightly so were not 100% without it, just not as cold as i like it hehe. We should have it fixed come Tuesday, so I cannot wait!

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Being dehydrated can cause cramps, so it would make sense that hotter weather might make a difference. And running the AC can dry out the air, which might also make you more dehydrated. It's been getting hotter here, too. Although not quite that hot. I'm sure it will be 100 here before I know it, though. Ugh. I hate hot weather!

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Yup, I agree with the above. Drink lots more water with the heat, too.