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So if it's alright with y'all, I'm going to straddle this board and Feb... I'm due Jan 31st according to my LMP... I think a dating ultrasound would push me into Feb with my EDD BUT I'll most likely have the baby in January, lol. So... hi!

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Hi Jaime! Welcome and congrats again!

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Hi, welcome, and congrats again! (I saw your post on DYSAL)

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Congrats and welcome!

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Hi! Welcome!! Congrats!! HH9M!!

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My first was a straddle baby. He was due October 1st, but came September 30th. It's tough being a straddler....either first or last at everything. Smile


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You're more than welcome to join us here! Smile Congratulations!

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Hi Jamie Smile WELCOME!!! Smile

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Congrats ! Biggrin

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Hi and welcome!! You'll like this board...there's always something fun going on around here. Biggrin